4 Popular Trends That Are Bad News for Teeth

July 26, 2022

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Kombucha, a trend that is bad for your teeth

People today will use social media to promote popular health trends. You’ll hear about methods, products, and activities that can seemingly strengthen your body overnight. This online information, though, is something to take with a grain of salt. These trends are often ineffective at best and harmful at worst. In fact, some of them can be damaging to oral health. To prove it, here’s a summary of four popular trends that are bad for your teeth.

Sparkling Water

Some people drink sparkling water because they enjoy the taste, while others are just trying to stop drinking soda. These are valid reasons, especially the latter, as this water is better for teeth than a soft drink. Still, the beverage has risks.

For one thing, it’s acidic. That alone means it erodes tooth enamel. Furthermore, many types of sparkling water have citric acid to create lemon or lime flavors. This flavoring makes it even more acidic, putting it in the range of sodas and sports drinks.

Apple Cider Vinegar

People are saying now that apple cider vinegar has many health advantages, including an ability to calm upset stomachs.

Unfortunately, it, too, is highly acidic. The pH of apple cider vinegar is very low, meaning it can easily dissolve enamel. As such, the drink increases your chance of cavities, erosion of your teeth, and the need for future dental work.


Kombucha is trendy now due to its supposed health benefits. These include improved digestion, arthritis and cancer prevention, and weight loss.

Unfortunately, the drink has two problems. The first is its acidity, which is low enough to damage enamel. The resulting erosion would then make your teeth vulnerable to cavity-causing bacteria. The second issue is kombucha’s sugar content; some brands have as much as 10 grams of the stuff per serving. This sugar naturally feeds harmful bacteria, increasing your risk for dental diseases.

Lemon Juice Detox

Some lemon juice detoxes will say that they can cleanse the body of toxins to help you lose 20 pounds in 10 days. All it takes is a “lemonade” made of fresh lemon or lime juice, maple syrup, cayenne pepper, and water.

However, these ingredients would ruin your teeth. Lemon juice is a powerful acid, while maple syrup is absolutely loaded with sugar. Plus, the detox’s liquid-only rule means you’d be constantly exposing your teeth to these materials for over a week.

Ultimately, you’re better off staying away from recipes that involve lemons or drinking lemon juice.

A popular item isn’t healthy just because people say so. Talk to your local dentist about whether trends you’ve already adopted are good for your teeth.

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Dr. Richard Fossum is a dentist in Temple, TX, having worked in the field for nearly thirty years. To stay on top of the latest dental procedures and technologies, he takes many education hours each year and constantly evaluates new equipment. His services span preventive, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry, as well as emergency treatments. Dr. Fossum currently practices at his self-titled clinic and can be reached at his website or by phone at (254)-778-3900.

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