Root Canal Treatment – Temple, TX

Save Your Tooth from Infection

When the pulp layer of a tooth becomes infected, it is necessary to remove the infection with root canal therapy. It is a generally comfortable procedure that saves your tooth and gives you back your healthy smile. Our emergency dentists, Dr. Fossum and Dr. Grosskopf, use advanced tools and techniques to perform root canal treatment at our Temple, TX dental office to save irreparably damaged teeth from extraction, often in a single visit. You’ll be surprised at how comfortable modern root canal therapy can be!

Why Choose Richard Fossum, DDS for Root Canal Treatment?

  • Multiple Sedation Options
  • State-of-the-Art Technology
  • Patient Always Comes First

What is a Root Canal?

Two model teeth used to compare a healthy tooth to one that needs a root canal

The innermost layer of a tooth is called the pulp, or nerve. Canals run from the pulp to the tooth root, carrying blood and vital nutrients to the root and removing toxins and other harmful material. When damaged by a deep cavity, tooth fracture, or other trauma, this pulp can become infected and die, which causes pain and pressure. Left untreated, you may experience bone deterioration and tooth loss.

Dr. Fossum and Dr. Grosskopf can perform a root canal to eradicate the infection and preserve tooth structure. They’ll clean out the canals, and then seal them to protect against further damage and prevent extraction. The result is a strong, healthy tooth and revitalized oral health.