MetLife Dental Insurance – Temple, TX

An In-Network Dentist to Meet All Your Needs

When you’re in need of dental care, the last thing you should have to worry about is whether the dentist you choose to work with is in-network with your dental insurance provider. At Richard Fossum, DDS, we’ve made strategic partnerships with several of the leading insurers, one of which is MetLife Dental Insurance. As you continue reading, find out some important details about how the MetLife plan works, so you can move forward with achieving excellent oral health with the help of Dr. Fossum and his staff!


MetLife Dental Coverage and Fees

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With MetLife Dental Insurance, you have two primary options – a PPO or HMO plan. Each type of coverage provides a way to receive the consistent and vital dental care you need, but the details of each differs slightly.

The MetLife PPO Plan

Dentist and patient discussing MetLife P P O dental insurance plan

By being in-network with MetLife dental insurance, Dr. Fossum is able to offer services at pre-negotiated discounted rates, which translates into greater savings for you. Another convenience that you’ll enjoy is that we’ll submit the necessary paperwork on your behalf. Therefore, you can focus on what matters more: being as healthy as possible. Finally, with the MetLife PPO plan, your preventive care visits (for cleanings and checkups) will be 100% covered.

The MetLife HMO Plan

Dental team member and patient discussing MetLife H M O dental insurance plan

By being a Texas resident, you are also eligible for the MetLife HMO plan. With this option, rates are typically lower, and there is no paperwork to submit or deductible to meet. Therefore, it will be much easier to receive the care you need from your MetLife dentist in Temple!

Meet Lynn

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At Richard Fossum, DDS, we know that navigating pages of paperwork and understanding medical jargon can be a little daunting at times. That’s where Lynn comes to the rescue. For the past decade, she’s been helping patients make sense of their coverage so they can get the most from their dental insurance. She’ll help you with coverage verification, filing claims and to gain a better overall understanding of your benefits. So if you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact Lynn today!