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When it comes to the in-depth nature of oral surgery, Dr. Grosskopf, our oral surgeon and emergency dentist, top priority will be helping to make the process as effortless and smooth as possible. We want to create an atmosphere for you that eases any concerns and anxieties you may have while also providing your smile with the support it needs to regain its full health and vitality. Dr. Grosskopf is happy to offer intravenous sedation dentist to patients as a relaxing option before she begins any oral surgery in our Temple, TX dental office.


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Oral Pathology

Animated smile with receding gums before oral surgery

Oral pathology is the study of diseases of the oral and maxillofacial structures, including bones, soft tissue, and teeth. An oral exam is routinely performed by the dentist during the course of an exam and regular check-ups to check for abnormalities. The most prominent issue associated with this field is oral cancer, but there are also many other common pathologic problems.

Geographic Tongue

Person with tongue sticking out

Also known as Benign Migratory Glossitis or Erythema Migrans, geographic tongue is a condition where the tongue is missing papillae (small bumps) in different areas, and a map-like appearance can develop. This condition is usually seen as red, well-defined areas on or around the sides of the tongue. The red patches (which can look like an unsightly rash) may come and go from hours to months at a time and cause increased sensitivity to certain substances.

Median Palatal Cyst

Smile with palatal cyst

This cyst is essentially a fluid filled skin sac. It usually appears in the middle of the palate and may cause substantial discomfort.

Hairy Tongue

Person sticking out tongue after hairy tongue treatment

An overgrowth of bacteria or a yeast infection in the mouth which can cause the tongue to appear hairy and black. This condition is usually a result of poor oral hygiene, chronic or extensive use of antibiotics, or radiation treatments to the head or neck. It is often also seen in HIV positive patients and those who are intravenous drug users. Hairy tongue may or may not require treatment.

Bone Grafting

Animated smile during bone grafting treatment

Dental bone grafting procedures restore your bone to its previous form following gum disease, tooth loss or trauma and may be used to maintain bone structure after a tooth extraction.

Replacing bone is an important step in preserving your healthy smile and has several benefits. It can encourage regeneration, stimulate soft tissue growth and significantly reduce gum pockets all while creating a strong bone structure. Many dental procedures, such as dental implant placement, require that the bone be as close to its original dimension and position as possible for optimal results.

The jaw and other facial bones support the skin and muscle that are responsible for our outward cosmetic appearance. Without the support of the underlying bone, our faces can look prematurely aged.

Sinus Lifts

Animated smile with dental implant placement after sinus lift treatment

A sinus lift is often required as a first step when placing a dental implant in your upper jaw. When upper back teeth are lost, bone in that area naturally shrinks or resorbs over time. Consequently, your sinuses expand to occupy the empty space where the bone used to be. Because there is insufficient bone available to securely place the dental implant, the sinuses must be lifted in order to create space for placing additional bone in that area.

Dr. Fossum, Dr. Grosskopf, and the rest of the team are always happy to offer patient-centered care and comfortable dental attention for all oral surgery procedures. Schedule your appointment at either of our conveniently located Temple dental offices!