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Dental Implants – Temple, TX

Restoring Smile’s Natural Functions and Appearance

Older couple smilingWhen you are missing teeth, you are not just living with an incomplete smile that you may be afraid to show. You are also putting yourself at risk to numerous health concerns, both in the short- and the long-term. Thankfully, you don’t have to permanently change your diet or hide your smile while taking photos thanks to dental implants. At Fossum Dental Group, Dr. Courtney Grosskopf can place and restore implants, so you don’t have to visit another dentist just to complete treatment.

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Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants work to replace the tooth and the root, which is not something you’ll find with any other tooth replacement option. By integrating and bonding with your existing jaw bone, dental implants become a natural part of your smile that is long-lasting and durable. This is thanks to the titanium material implants use, which is biocompatible with your bone and gum tissue.

Additionally, dental implants have an incredibly high success rate; over a 10-year period, the success rates achieve an average of 98 percent! That means daily chewing, grinding and oral care can be performed without worry.

Unlike other replacement methods, such as bridges, there’s no need to buff down natural teeth to place a restoration. Instead, the implants act as an anchor, so you’re better able to maintain your natural tooth structure. Dental implants truly offer the best of both worlds when it comes to function and esthetics.

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Indications for Dental Implants

Older couple smilingDental implants are one of the most versatile treatments in dentistry to date. So much so that they can be used to replace a single tooth or an entire arch! Consider your options below.

Missing Single Tooth

To replace one tooth, an implant-retained crown is attached to a single implant via an abutment. Abutments work to connect restorations to implants regardless of the number of teeth being replaced. The crown is made entirely from porcelain, offering you the most natural-looking appearance possible.

Missing Multiple Teeth

Restorations can also be customized to replace multiple consecutive teeth, similar to that of traditional bridges. However, you only need two implants to hold a restoration consisting of three or four crowns.

Missing All Teeth

Whether you are missing one arch or both, dentures can be customized to snap on top of four to six implants strategically placed throughout the mouth. This option is especially ideal if you use a lower denture, which is notorious for shifting and sliding while in use.

Understanding the Cost of Dental Implants

Dentist showing an x-ray to a patientThe cost of dental implants can vary widely from person to person, making it difficult to determine cost until you’ve had a consultation. Costs can differ based on the number of implants being used, the abutments and restorations selected, the actual surgery and any preparatory treatments to make implants viable in the first place.

Keep in mind that dental implants are a long-term investment. Not only do they require less maintenance than other options, but they also cost less overall, even if they have a higher cost upfront. It’s better to avoid having to pay for replacement bridges and dentures later if you have a more effective solution to tooth loss.

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