In-House Savings Plan – Temple, TX

Predictable and Affordable Dentistry Made Easy

If the idea of enrolling into a traditional dental insurance plan doesn’t sit right, you may want to consider other options. One reasonable alternative is our in-house savings plan, a perfect way to finance your most essential dental treatments on a monthly or annual basis depending on your budget. Once you sign up, you’ll gain access to exams, cleanings, X-rays, and discounts on specialty work performed in-house, all without having to worry about waiting periods, deductibles, or being put on hold to speak with insurance agents.

Fossum Dental Savings Save 25% on dental care! Plus, save 15% on Specialty Work.
INCLUDES Exams, Cleanings & X-rays twice per year. Exams and X-rays are only performed as necessary for diagnosis.
One person dental savings plan One Person $ 29.95 Per Month Or $299.00/Year
Two person dental savings plan Two Person $ 39.95 Per Month Or $399.00/Year
Three person dental savings plan Three Person $ 49.95 Per Month Or $499.00/Year

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